Attack of the Invisible Bugs

Do you suffer from a crawling sensation all over your skin? Do you feel like you are being eaten alive from bugs? If you do, I offer you my condolences, you are not alone.

There seems to be a spreading epidemic of an unknown insect, too microscopic for the human eye to see, preying on human flesh. In my quest to identify  this unknown invisible nuisance of an insect, I haven’t been able to discover much information on the invisible bug.

What I have come across is forums where all of the insects victims have reported the same conditions.

Reported symptoms from this “invisible bug” include:

          • Crawling Sensations
          • Bites
          • Itching
          • Rashes
          • Itching & Crawling Starting in Your Hair and Ears
          • NO VISIBLE BUGS

While some do report seeing tiny particles floating in the air or even specks that resemble peppers, no one knows for sure.

Possible Diagnosis

Be sure to consider all your possibilities. Contact a pest control specialist or a doctor when trying to determine what type of invisible bug you are dealing with.

Many possible cures have also been reported that include everything from Windex,  to baby powder, and even Listerine. However, I would urge anyone suffering from this problem to take extreme caution when experimenting with these solutions.

I would suggest first visiting a doctor before trying homemade ideas. The last thing you want to do is make the problem worse or create a whole new problem in itself.

If you are suffering from this feel free to leave your story and suggestions in the comment section.

Pictures of Bedbugs

A common inquiry on this site is for pictures of bedbugs. Everyone wants to be able to identify just what type of invisible bug that they are dealing with. Take a look at the following pictures and see if the bed bug is what you are dealing with.

For more information on bed bugs and their removal go here. 

Pictures of Bedbugs


A Study on Mites (Part 2) Rat Mites, Spider Mites, and Grain Mites

As we contine our study on mites we will take a look into the lives of the rate mite, spider mite, and grain mite.

Rat Mites

The tropical rat mite, formally known as Ornithonyssus bacoti, is the most common biting mite found in the household.  Similar to bird mites, rat mites are very small but can be detected with the human eye. They are also very active and can go a long time without food. If their rodent host dies they have no problem relocating to a human host.

Although the bite from a rat mite can be slightly painful they don’t pose a huge threat to humans. The most common side effect of a human rat mite infestation is any itchy rash.

To get rid of rat mites you first need to eliminate the source. Protecting your home from rodents and eliminating the one that are already in it is your first step. Once the host is eliminated you will need to sanitize and disinfect your home. Read How to Kill Mites for a more detailed summary.

Spider Mites

Another common might is the Spider Mite. Spider Mites are small parasites, usually red or black, that feed of the liquid in plants.  Spider Mites leave white spots all over plants and use their web spinning capabilities to lay eggs. A bad spider mite infestation will kill your plants – but they do no harm to humans.

Grain Mites

Grain mites are microscopic parasites and like the name suggests, they can be found in grain – specifically if there is a fungus in the grain. Ranging anywhere from .013 inches to .026 inches long, grain mites are hard to detect.

Other than the itch the grain handler gets, these mites do not attack humans. Grains and cereals that have been contaminated by these mites give off a strange odor. Since these mites live in foods treatment should be handled very carefully.

If you are dealing with mites be sure to read How to Get Rid of Mites

How to Get Rid of Mites

Getting rid of mites is no easy task. If you have children or pets is your home you want your mite killing method to be as harmless as possible. Follow these steps to help aid in general mite elimination:

First you need to get your home clean, I mean really really clean. Start by washing all of your clothing and bedding in hot water. Then using a vacuum, clean out all cracks and crevices in your home. This will include baseboards, mattresses, and furniture.

Next you will want to steam clean all of your furniture. I recommend using BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, it is affordable and efficient. Steam clean all of your carpet and use hot water to clean vinyl floors.

Then you will want to use a mite killing spray on your furniture. ELF Mite Killing Spray is an ecofriendly way to kill mites. It is non toxic and is safe around kids and pets.

Follow all of these steps and if you are still having problems then repeat them. It does take a lot of effort to completely rid your home of mites. If condidtions get worse, contact a pest control company.

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